If it moves...

You will know!

If it moves…™ is sensitive enough to send an alert to your phone the second your gun is moved and our patented technology will assist in recovering your gun.

If it moves…™ is designed to detect unauthorized movement and alert you immediately.

Our motion detection and GPS technology sense the slightest movement and alerts you immediately. Unlike competitors using WiFi, If it moves…™ uses cellular technology to send its location no matter where it is.

Peace of Mind for Gun Owners

Patented Technology

This technology can’t be found anywhere else.

Easy-To-Use App

An app design that is easy to use.

Location is
Never Shared

Only you know the location of your guns.

Encrypted DATA

Data can’t be accessed by anyone but you.

Delete data anytime

You can clear your data easily.

Available on IoS
and Android

Peace of Mind for Gun Owners

  • Monitors for any unauthorized movement.
  • Alerts as soon as your gun is moved.
  • Sends location updates every 5 minutes until your gun is recovered.
  • Location data is only sent to your phone, never stored on our servers.
  • Track multiple guns with one If it moves…™ device.
  • Easy to set up and use with our mobile app.



Every 2 minutes, a gun is stolen in the U.S. If it moves…™ notifies you immediately if your gun moves.

36% OF 


36% of children have handled their parents’ guns without their knowledge. GunAlert gives parents peace of mind knowing the location of their guns.

 100% OF


100% of responsible gun owners don’t want an unauthorized user to commit a crime with their gun. GunAlert is designed to help prevent that from happening.