If It Moves…™ Device Use Cases:


You no longer have to worry about the items that matter most to you being tampered with. With If It Moves…, you’ll always have a watchful eye no matter what the item is. This Anti-theft device works great with laptop carriers, camera bags, gym bags, jewelry cases, luggage, golf clubs, and much more. 


Whether you want to protect your road bike or that prized Harley… Attach an If It Moves… device and immediately be alerted if someone tampers with, moves or takes it. With our cellular technology it will work in your garage or when you are out on the open road. (Use the If It Moves… Motion detection device on ATV’s or other off-road vehicles as well).


When you own a boat, trailer or RV, you want peace of mind knowing it won’t be moved or tampered with whether it’s in storage, sitting in your driveway or out and about. With If It Moves…, it doesn’t matter the size , you can rest assured your boat, trailer or RV and the valuable equipment inside will be protected. (Don’t have a boat trailer or RV? If It Moves… also works great with jet skis, kayaks, and paddle boards.) 


A responsible gun owner wants to know where their firearms are and have a 24/7 watchful eye on them. With If It Moves…™ you will be notified when your firearm, gun case or safe has been moved or tampered with. If It Moves…™  will then send you location updates to assist in the recovery of your firearm.


A construction site is home to expensive equipment and theft from these sites add up to $1 billion in losses a year. What’s more, only 25% of these items are recovered. Attach If It Moves…™ to any of the valuable items on the work site and you will be alerted when it moves and you will know where it is going. Whether it’s a tool box, table saw, or a heavy-duty vehicle, you can leave the site knowing there is a product in place to keep an eye on your equipment.

Use Cases

A safe gun-owner always knows where their firearms are. A responsible gun owner has a 24/7 watchful eye on their firearms. With If It Moves…™ you won’t only be notified when your firearm has been moved, you will be alerted the moment it is tampered with.