If It Moves…™ Security Device

Retail price: $129


Inside the box: If It Moves…™ device, charging cable with power adapter and a Quick Start Guide. The retail price for If ItMoves…™ is $129.00 and includes a six-month unlimited subscription.

Renewal Subscription Packages 6 Months

6 months

OR 2500 Actions

$23.95 *

6 months

 OR 5000 Actions

$32.95 *

6 months

OF Unlimited

$42.95 *

An “Action” occurs every time the If It Moves…™ device communicates, either sending or receiving. Currently available Actions include Enable Security, Disable Security, Motion Detection, Geofence Exited, Location Update, Locate Me and Low Battery Alert.

*The price above is not per month. The price shown reflects the entire subscription period.